Thursday, August 25, 2016

08.25.16 - Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting! 
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Friday, January 8, 2016

01.08.16 - #friendorfriday is back!

Happy 2016 Everyone!! Last year you may remember that I started a new series called #friendorfriday... each Friday I will be showcasing the talents of some of the incredible vendors... excuse me... friendors that I get to work with. Many of these people I have had the opportunity to go close to and they are more like friends to me than business acquaintances. SO, without further delay... I would love to introduce you all to Meredith Ryncarz of Meredith Ryncarz Photography
Meredith, is a southern gal, making her home all over the world as she travels with her husband.  She is currently based in Virginia.  Meredith thinks that sweet tea tastes better with lemonade and that only the best front porches are painted Haint Blue...  "It is a real thing, I promise".  She is the wife to an Army nurse, who she has been best friends with for fourteen years and married for nine.  They have two adorable kids, the amazing Miss Bitsy (I'm slightly obsessed with her curls) and Mr. Ninja Warrior (with all his whitty charm).  She is big on romance, family heritage, and a love that lasts.

Meredith believes "that portraits have the power to bring joy and create a legacy.  Pictures tell stories that time has forgotten.  They speak to the value of that moment that it was important enough to be preserved. For this reason I specialize in weddings because it is the start of your forever and the legacy that you will leave behind.  With a firm belief in creating family heritage, I seek to capture your day one and your day 2,351, not only in a way that honors that belief but that also provides you with an amazing experience year after year."
I have had the incredible priviledge of knowing Meredith for almost a year now! We connected randomly becuase I took a leap of faith thinking she knew what she was doing and I am SO glad I did. We have put together a couple styled photo shoots... both of which were published and we are working together again this year on a wedding giveaway where one lucky couple was selected to have the wedding of their dreams! More to come as the planning can officially begin on that!
For anyone looking for a great, down to earth photographer for any reason... be sure to check out her amazing work! As an added bonus... if any of my clients mention they are working with me... she will have a special discount waiting for you! Be sure to mention you are a Two River Events client!
While you are at it... check out her facebook page and give her some love with a LIKE!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Couple's Choice 2016

Humbled? You bet ya!
Excited? Incredibly!

Thank you to all of my amazing couples this past year for helping me receive this award! I am honored. It is because of you and your thoughtful reviews that this award has been given to me two years in a row! 

Eager to see what 2016 has in store for Two River Events, LLC! 

Two Rivers Wedding Giveaway Winner!

What an exciting start to 2016! So much planning has already gone into this incredible opportunity and I am thrilled to announce that we have winners! The public voting ended on January 4 and we can now celebrate our winners!
I am so eager to start the planning with this lucky couple and see what vision this bride and groom have for their dream wedding!

Congratulations Jeremy & Shannon!

I can not wait to meet you and welcome you into this amazing journey! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

08.12.15 - Williamsburg Botanical Garden Promotional Shoot

What an incredible day we had putting together months of planning for this shoot! I will admit, when I threw out the idea of feathers and antlers I was a little nervous myself. Even the day of, before setting up I was not 100% sure but as all of the details started to come together it was more perfect that we all imagined!

Check out our feature on Glamour and Grace!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

12.13.14 - Burton/Smiley Wedding

I loved this wedding for so many reasons. Little back history, Aundrea is a twin, her sister Saundrea and I used to cheer competitively together when we were in high school. There were many sleepovers, a million and one laughs and a couple orange construction cones involved in our many years of friendship. These two girls really helped make my high school memories complete. When Aundrea reached out to me to coordinate her wedding, I could not have been more honored and excited to join the fun. I knew it would be amazing and I was SO excited to catch up with her crazy family! 

To make the world smaller, Matt (her fiancĂ©) and my husband James had a lot in common. It took one dinner at their house to realize they actually had high school ties as well. It is incredibly crazy how small our world is. 
Aundrea and Matt were married at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro, Virginia. The rich history at this location can be seen as you drive up the property. Do you ever get somewhere and just think... "If these fence rails could talk, or I wonder what these walls have seen?" This is definitely one of those places. Even in December with no surrounding color or leaves on the trees, the beauty of the building and it's history is enough. 

Their cold December wedding day was warmed with all the love that their guests brought with them from all over the country. Many people traveled in for their special day and even a three foot cut out of Matt's head made the show! 

Check out more pictures of their romantic evening here: 12.13.14 - Burton/Smiley Wedding

Vendors who made the day complete:

08.30.14 - Riggi/Turner Wedding

This wedding was a whirlwind for a few reasons. Holly reached out to me just a few weeks out from her and Jeff's wedding asking to meet me at The Williamsburg Winery for a consultation with their 30 day walk through. Both Northern VA Restaurant managers, they were in for a quick planning trip and heading back home. I was excited and eager to meet them both. They are to this day, my most laid back, easy going couple. They just rolled with the punches and either way, they were happy with how the day was going to turn out... at this point, they still hadn't even landed on a florist! Many brides would be stressing majorly about that, Holly... nope just as cool as can be. 
It seemed like just a couple of days went by and their wedding was here. Same with the first time I met them, no stress, easy going, happy and ready to have their party! 

After their wedding was over, I helped take a bunch of their items, left over favors, flowers, decorations and beverages to their timeshare they were staying in. They had asked me to come join the fun earlier in the day, but with a barely two month old at home (see below for the cuteness) I was eager to get home and spend those precious moments with him. Well, one sobriety checkpoint, a wrong turn later I found them and there was no chance they were letting me out of there without a drink. It was so nice to hang out with them and their closest friends for about an hour or so and just see the love and excitement that everyone around them have for them as well.

Thank you both for being so fun! I have no doubt that you both will always laugh together.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

08.09.14 - Abbott/Kersey Wedding

I was out last night working on some things for the  Two Rivers Wedding Giveaway that I am participating in and I was asked "How do you deal with combative brides?" I was not really sure how to answer the question because I am been so blessed to have worked with some of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met. Jess was absolutely one of them. To make it even better, she is also a fellow JMU Alum (GO DUKES!).
One of my favorite things about this wedding was how easy going Jess was. Being a teacher, everything was always super organized. This makes me job 9942670357 times easier. Every detail had been thought through perfectly and methodically. 
The ceremony was held at James River Baptist Church, a beautiful church just down the road from their reception venue The Settlement at Powhatan Creek. The day was perfect, not too hot for an August day in Williamsburg and full of fun, line dancing, laughter and love. 

Check out more images from Jess and Shayne's Summer Williamsburg Wedding here: 

Vendor Love:
Florals: Britt's Garden

Two Rivers Wedding Giveaway - Top 10 Finalists

Wow! What an incredible few weeks it has been watching the entries come in for the wedding giveaway. We have had a couple more vendors join the fun making the package valued right around $17,000! This is an amazing opportunity for one lucky couple and all of us working on this, could not be more excited to learn more about the Top 10 Finalists through their video submissions. 

Before I get to the big reveal, I want to give a shout out to all of the vendors 
who are participating in The Two Rivers Giveaway:

It gives me great pleasure to announce our Top 10 Finalists. In no particular order they are:

Chelsea Williams
Jeremy St. Pierre
Katie Owen
Amber Hall
Helen Amanda O'Connor
Tammy Lowe
Erika Jones
Mariecar Padua
Myles Pettus
Laura Strube

Meredith of Meredith Ryncarz Photography will be reaching out to each of you personally to work on the next steps in the process, so please be on the look out for an email or voicemail from her! On behalf of myself and the other vendors participating in the contest, CONGRATULATIONS and we can not wait to hear more of your incredible love stories.

06.21.14 - Turner/Markstein Wedding

Where do I begin? I first met Jacqlynn and Chris in Richmond, VA for our initial consultation. To be honest, I was little intimidated by Jacqlynn and her vision for the wedding at first because it seemed so beautiful on paper that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to live up to it in person. I am glad they saw through my excitement and nerves because I was thrilled when I got the call that they wanted to be my clients! Not only were they getting married at the same place that I said my own vows at, but they had an incredibly romantic, high class, fun filled wedding planned and I could not have been more excited to jump in on the fun!
The day of their wedding we had a few clouds in the sky, one of those days where we definitely used every single minute of time to make a decision on rain. And boy did we. Luckily, we were able to get the break we were looking for and after hustling to wipe down chairs, the ceremony went off without a hitch as planned.
From the gorgeous handmade arbor built by her father and perfectly manicured farm table for the bride and groom to dine at, this wedding was nothing short of fairytale. I am thrilled to have been part of this event and can now boast that an event I have worked on has been published on Style Me Pretty. Check it out: Style me Pretty - Rustic Williamsburg Wedding

I should also mention I was a little over 37 weeks pregnant, my son was born just 12 days later. It was the last wedding I had on the books before his arrival and to say it was bittersweet, well that would not do it justice. On this day I also met Karen Roa. I will be honest, not many things floor me when I walk into a wedding, however this day, I stopped dead in my tracks, in my beetle juice dress as I called it. Why do maternity dresses all have horizontal stripes?! Nevermind that, back to Karen. Karen is an amazingly talented florist. Her work is stunning and on this day, her work took my breath away. I am so honored to say that a little over a year later, we have become great friends and have had the opportunity to collaborate on some pretty amazing things and she never lets me down. Her work is simply impeccable. You see, she hung beautiful greenery on the chandeliers at the winery and all night, literally, ALL night, I gave myself a pep talk about getting up on a ladder, ready to have a baby at any moment whale sized me ON A LADDER ready to cut this stuff down. Not only did I talk myself into climbing on a ladder, but I had convince myself that it would all be ok and wouldn't take too long. Then it happened. In like a saint walked Karen and her dad, there to help clean up. Holy moly! I have probably never been so excited to see a florist in my entire life. They cleaned up EVERYTHING floral. I could not have been more relieved in my entire life. Be sure to check out her page at Aleen FloralI promise she will not disappoint. 

To see more images from Jacqlynn and Chris' wedding go here: 06.21.14 - Turner/Markstein Wedding

Be sure to share the love with the amazing vendors who helped with this wedding:
Band: Sam Hill Entertainment - E3 Band

Sunday, October 25, 2015

06.07.14 - Walrod/Buchman Wedding

Lauren and Michael were married on a beautiful sunny day in Ashburn, Virginia. Their stunning church ceremony was followed up with a fun, exciting reception at Belmont Country Club also in Ashburn, Virginia. This spirited, happy couple put together a great party full of dancing, laughter and love.
See more images from their wedding here: Walrod/Buchman Wedding


05.31.14 - Johnson/Koon Wedding

Ashleigh and Zach, where do I begin. Let's start at our first meeting. Aromas - Williamsburg. First of all, any couple of mine that suggests meeting there, they are keepers. Secondly, they put up with my crazy daughter and only child (at the time), Paisley. Consider that the second test, and they passed! Immediately I could tell how nice Ashleigh and Zach were and still are! Both William and Mary graduates, they had a love for Williamsburg and it showed. They wanted to incorporate elements of their history into their wedding and did so beautifully by taking pictures in front of the Wren Building and in Colonial Williamsburg's Palace Gardens. The images from their wedding are nothing short of stunning. Ashleigh handcrafted everything for their wedding, down to the dressed up bride and groom raccoons for their place setting. Their gorgeous, sunny day in Williamsburg was absolutely perfect.

Check out all of the details of their wedding here: Johnson/Koon Wedding
Hair & Make Up: Lou Stevens Glam Squad