Sunday, October 25, 2015

05.31.14 - Johnson/Koon Wedding

Ashleigh and Zach, where do I begin. Let's start at our first meeting. Aromas - Williamsburg. First of all, any couple of mine that suggests meeting there, they are keepers. Secondly, they put up with my crazy daughter and only child (at the time), Paisley. Consider that the second test, and they passed! Immediately I could tell how nice Ashleigh and Zach were and still are! Both William and Mary graduates, they had a love for Williamsburg and it showed. They wanted to incorporate elements of their history into their wedding and did so beautifully by taking pictures in front of the Wren Building and in Colonial Williamsburg's Palace Gardens. The images from their wedding are nothing short of stunning. Ashleigh handcrafted everything for their wedding, down to the dressed up bride and groom raccoons for their place setting. Their gorgeous, sunny day in Williamsburg was absolutely perfect.

Check out all of the details of their wedding here: Johnson/Koon Wedding
Hair & Make Up: Lou Stevens Glam Squad

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