Thursday, October 29, 2015

08.30.14 - Riggi/Turner Wedding

This wedding was a whirlwind for a few reasons. Holly reached out to me just a few weeks out from her and Jeff's wedding asking to meet me at The Williamsburg Winery for a consultation with their 30 day walk through. Both Northern VA Restaurant managers, they were in for a quick planning trip and heading back home. I was excited and eager to meet them both. They are to this day, my most laid back, easy going couple. They just rolled with the punches and either way, they were happy with how the day was going to turn out... at this point, they still hadn't even landed on a florist! Many brides would be stressing majorly about that, Holly... nope just as cool as can be. 
It seemed like just a couple of days went by and their wedding was here. Same with the first time I met them, no stress, easy going, happy and ready to have their party! 

After their wedding was over, I helped take a bunch of their items, left over favors, flowers, decorations and beverages to their timeshare they were staying in. They had asked me to come join the fun earlier in the day, but with a barely two month old at home (see below for the cuteness) I was eager to get home and spend those precious moments with him. Well, one sobriety checkpoint, a wrong turn later I found them and there was no chance they were letting me out of there without a drink. It was so nice to hang out with them and their closest friends for about an hour or so and just see the love and excitement that everyone around them have for them as well.

Thank you both for being so fun! I have no doubt that you both will always laugh together.

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