Thursday, October 29, 2015

12.13.14 - Burton/Smiley Wedding

I loved this wedding for so many reasons. Little back history, Aundrea is a twin, her sister Saundrea and I used to cheer competitively together when we were in high school. There were many sleepovers, a million and one laughs and a couple orange construction cones involved in our many years of friendship. These two girls really helped make my high school memories complete. When Aundrea reached out to me to coordinate her wedding, I could not have been more honored and excited to join the fun. I knew it would be amazing and I was SO excited to catch up with her crazy family! 

To make the world smaller, Matt (her fiancé) and my husband James had a lot in common. It took one dinner at their house to realize they actually had high school ties as well. It is incredibly crazy how small our world is. 
Aundrea and Matt were married at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro, Virginia. The rich history at this location can be seen as you drive up the property. Do you ever get somewhere and just think... "If these fence rails could talk, or I wonder what these walls have seen?" This is definitely one of those places. Even in December with no surrounding color or leaves on the trees, the beauty of the building and it's history is enough. 

Their cold December wedding day was warmed with all the love that their guests brought with them from all over the country. Many people traveled in for their special day and even a three foot cut out of Matt's head made the show! 

Check out more pictures of their romantic evening here: 12.13.14 - Burton/Smiley Wedding

Vendors who made the day complete:

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