Monday, May 12, 2014

05.05.14 - Nautical Styled Wedding

I had such a fabulous time working on this styled photo shoot. It was my first opportunity at doing one of these and WHAT a learning experience! Just like planning an actual wedding, creating details and elements of design to showcase, can be just as stressful as actually planning an actual event! Even down to the last minute dreaded "rain call". It was BEAUTIFUL all day and just an hour before our shoot time it started to rain. We could see it coming on the radar but luckily, it rained for only a little bit, and the skies cleared for us to be able to capture the images that we wanted. Talk about a game time decision: last minute table sets and scrambling to get pictures not knowing if we were going to get another opportunity without having to entirely reschedule. As hectic as I am making it seem, it surely was not that bad and I could not have done it without the help of the fantastic vendors who worked with us, and my amazing Husband, who continues to put up with my wild and crazy ideas and at 31 weeks pregnant, is my designated work horse for moving things. 

Check out more images of our shoot here! Share your comments and feedback as we all welcome new ideas and love to hear from our fans! Be sure to also check out all of the amazing vendors involved in the shoot as well! I highly recommend all of them.

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